Atnetplanet is one of the thought leaders in digital innovation. The agency was founded in France in 2002 by Olivier Cerf, a former Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of Carrefour. He has over 20 years of experience in the retail industry and launched a website in order to sell collectible records, helping to engineer the release of Daft Punk’s third album, Human After All.

Atnetplanet is one of the leading European and African digital agencies with offices in France, Spain and South Africa. We provide a holistic strategy for your digital ecosystem. Our experts are topnotch in their field and concentrate on thirteen areas of expertise: Social Media Intelligence (SMI), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Brand Content and Community Management, Online Reputation Strategy, Digital Media Buying, Creative Design, Web and Mobile Development, Advergaming, Web Analytics, Research and Development, Online Press Relations, Customer Relationship Management and Net Hosting Intelligence.

Our team is highly qualified and skilled which is shown by our many certifications and awards in the digital industry. We are certified partners with Google and Facebook and won the Google Prize for Great Advertisers in 2014. The company also won the Grand Prix Brand Content prize in 2015. In addition, we are involved in various social initiatives, evident in our partnership with WeThinkCode_: we provide bursaries to talented programming students and offer them internship and employment opportunities within the company. Through this scholarship and on the job training, our Atnetplanet experts help to transfer valuable coding and programming skills to the next generation of South African and African developers.


Do you have a digital project which you need assistance with?
Atnetplanet has world class talent to facilitate you to transform or enhance your brand.

What makes Atnetplanet stand out in comparison to our competitors?
Atnetplanet designs and develops your entire digital ecosystem internally with no outsourcing or whitelisting of work. We design and build apps and websites on all platforms and workout a tailor-made strategy. Atnetplanet believes this integrated in-house approach will provide your brand with the best solution to increase your brand’s customer experience and level of engagement.

Do you like quality work with a short term turnaround time?
Our global team of experts will go the extra mile to deliver an excellent end result to you in no time!

With various digital strategies, we are helping big brands to innovate and become thought leaders in the online space. Previous clients include Nutella, Barcelona Football Club, Harbibo, Poco and Spotify. We want to use our superior, international expertise (with a lekker local twist!) in partnership with you in order to ensure your brand’s digital success!


  • Our Johannesburg office

    Waterford Office Park, Waterford Drive, Fourways, First Floor, Building 26, Johannesburg 2146, South Africa