The pitch

For the release of the New Mini 5 doors, the brand teams up with Spotify to test the knowledge of its huge fan base with a special musical quiz.

Atnetplanet’s solution

The development of an application for the portugese market.

  • Users connect on a mini website via their Facebook credential.
  • The application analyses their musical taste in order to define a user profile (Urban, Rock Addict, Jazz Lover etc.) then it geolocalizes the user and place him on a map.
  • The user teams up with five other players to fill the car and answer to a special musical test.

Scores are not given depending a true or false answer but depending on the other team members answers. The more the team members gave the same answers the more points they get.

  • For every question. A playlist is generated based on the more frequent answers.
  • Members of the the 3 best teams get a 3 month premium spotify account
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