Advergaming is a term that has appeared in the 2000s; its regroups all the gaming techniques that stage the brand universe and its products. Already representing a real opportunity for advertising and communication, brands have now to take the advergaming turn to improve their visibility in a more ludic manner.


Advergaming, a real opportunity for the South African market

South Africa is going through a deep digital revolution, associated with a boom in the smartphone demand. Around 20 million of South Africans were using a smartphone in 2013

According to a survey realized by KPCB, South Africans spend more time on their phone than in front of their computer or their TV. Moreover, in 2015, 1/3 of consumers made purchases from their phone, which represents an increase of 2% compared to 2014.

The introduction of affordable games through this support represents an opportunity for brands to enhance their visibility, leading to the improvement of their image, as well as the establishment of their reputation through simple and original gameplay mechanics.

The game as a creator of experiences

Besides being an excellent communication mean among its target customers, gaming allows to create a strong relationship with potential customers. By staging a product, a universe or even a value, the brand attachment improves, leading to an increase of the customers’ loyalty.

In the form of a mini website, app, or directly on the Facebook or Twitter brand accounts, advergaming represents an undeniable opportunity to differentiate your social communication from your competitors, as well as offering a new experience to your online users.

A variety of custom gameplay mechanic

Advergaming abounds with various gameplay mechanics, as well as different king of games. Whether it’s an arcade game, puzzle game, blind test or an instant draw, every brand can bring its own personal touch by highlighting their products, giving them a more participative and ludic dimension.

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Atnetplanet offers you a complete Advergaming platform and escort you in the conception of your own mechanic game to improve your brand image and create a real consumer loyalty.


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