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Being easily found online is of outmost importance for any business. Loads of companies want clients that are near to their location, to discover them. Can you better your search engine results through Google? Get access to local clientele by doing that? Of course, you can! By using the newest local marketing techniques! atnetplanet SA has three valuable tips for you that are all related to our Digital Media Buying services.


Local marketing tip 1: add locations to your keywords

For a plumber from Fourways (Johannesburg), clients or prospects that are searching for ‘plumber Fourways’ are very valuable. On the other hand, for clients that are just searching for ‘plumber’, not so much. The chances that someone in the direct environment of our Fourways plumber will become a client is a lot higher than someone who lives in Durban or Cape Town.

It is good practice to combine your chosen keywords with locations that are valuable to you. Our Fourways plumber, for example, can choose for search terms as ‘plumber Fourways’, ‘plumber northern suburbs Johannesburg’ or ‘plumber Gauteng’.


Local marketing tip 2: start locally

While using Google AdWords – a browser-based software program that allows you to run advertising campaigns on Google’s networks – you can make use of handy filters. You can, for instance, implement a filter that allows you to target only those people that are within a 30-kilometre radius of your business. This specific filtering is called ‘geo-location’.

If you’ve set up the campaign well, you will be able to expand your area. You don’t even need a huge starting budget to reach those precious, regional customers. There is no minimum budget on Google AdWords. Large metropolitan areas do ask for a larger budget to get any reach of meaning, though.


Local marketing tip 3: measure your results

When you invest in an online advertising campaign, you can measure the effects of it through conversions. Conversions are any valuable actions for your business which a customer or prospect has undertaken. This can be in the form of a newsletter signup, a received email, phone call or a purchase from your online store.

Through detailed reports in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, you can track down exactly how many phone calls and emails your campaign has attracted. You can also check how many customers you’ve reached per location. By doing this, you are measuring your results on the base of concrete figures which, on its turn, allows you to make thoughtful next steps and optimise your campaigns.

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