Using local marketing to make clients near you, find you

local marketing

Being easily found online is of outmost importance for any business. Loads of companies want clients that are near to their location, to discover them. Can you better your search engine results through Google and by doing this get access to local clientele? Of course, you can! By using the newest local marketing techniques! atnetplanet SA has three valuable tips for you that are all related to our Digital Media Buying services.

UCT feature on Atnetplanet SA

Two of Atnetplanet SA's motivated youngsters, Brandon Como and Grant Oosterwyk, have been interviewed by the University of Cape Town in an article titled 'From the Flats to social entrepreneurs'.

Advergaming: how to add value to your brand identity by gaming

Advergaming is a term that has appeared in the 2000s; its regroups all the gaming techniques that stage the brand universe and its products. Already representing a real opportunity for advertising and communication, brands have now to take the advergaming turn to improve their visibility in a more ludic manner.
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