The pitch

Quali Health, a medical and health organisation, was a complete new organisation at the time they contacted atnetplanet SA. They didn’t have any digital nor online presence so they asked the atnetplanet experts for help.


atnetplanet SA’s solution

One of the opportunities with Quali Health was to redevelop and present them with a new and improved website. At atnetplanet SA this is one of our strong features when it comes to software development while also complementing our SEO ability.


The organisational goals for the website:

• Provide information to potential investors and the media

• Collect a database of potential patients (Phase 2)

• Drive users to the social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

• Establish a strong online presence for the QH brand to support the digital growth strategy (beautiful design visually, quality content, easy and logical navigation, contemporary design)


Apart from website development, atnetplanet SA also manages the online community of Quali Health by using our SMI and CM skills.

One of Quali Health objectives on social media is to direct patients and prospective patients to social media pages so that they get a feel for the brand, offering and values. This is also seen as an avenues for sharing their content (links on the page using Facebook and YouTube).

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