Atnetplanet is filled with creative talents! Our secret? Each of them is an expert in at least one area of the creative process: web design, mobile, user experience, illustrations, motion design, photography, advergaming among others. This personal touch puts just that little bit of extra enrichment into our creations.

Our creatives do not only produce good-looking visuals: they are at the heart of the conceptualisation process of your projects and work hand-in-hand with the other departments in order to create the best holistic integration for you. They test and then optimise the user experience of the different devices by creating prototypes (mock-ups). Using these, they then find the best technical solutions to implement your project in a successful way.

In addition, the agency has access to its own professional photography studio. Atnetplanet creates its own ‘material’ to better your strength on social networks, with your operations and on your website.

Our services:

  • Graphs & visual identities
  • Optimisation of the user experience (UX)
  • Redesigning and revamping of websites
  • Content creation (photography, video, motion design…)
  • Photo reports
  • Creation of visuals for social networks


Atnetplanet is a certified “Google Partner”. Our SEO and SEA consultants successfully obtained the whole package of certifications offered by Google: AdWords (Display and Search), YouTube video ads, mobile development, Shopping and Analytics.  

The Google Adwords certifications attest that our experts are familiar with good practices for the creative design, management and optimisation of campaigns (advanced support, online marketing plan) such as the creation of ad formats, the choice of bids, the targeting, the evaluation and optimisation of different kind of campaigns.

The Google Analytics certification is written proof for our skills/competencies in the use of this service. Our experts are competent to answer your needs concerning the planning of measures and integrations, and concerning the configuration and administration of Google Analytics. 

Atnetplanet’s consultants are Facebook Blueprint certified. They have a perfect command of the technical/commercial aspects of the social network and know how to put their knowledge into practice: applications, mobile SDK, A/B testing on ads, targeting, reporting… 

our work

  • Our Johannesburg office

    99 Conrad Drive, Blairgowrie , Randburg 2194