Atnetplanet assists you throughout your media campaigns by offering traffic acquisition in order to reach the best results for your branding strategy. We make your brand, product or service known across several digital platforms. We also assist you with generating qualified leads.

Thanks to the advice and the assistance of our experts in digital media buying, your multiplatform strategy is defined, implemented and followed throughout your online advertisement campaigns. In this way, you have an intermediate who is in charge of putting in place a fixed KPI by using your budget in the most optimised way.

Our media buying experts possess all the Google certifications as well as the Facebook Blueprint certification. They are therefore absolute Facebook Advertising experts. You can read more about these certifications underneath.

Our expertise:

  • Advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)
  • Advertising on Search and Display networks (Google, Bing…)
  • Video advertising (YouTube Trueview, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Multi-device advertising strategies (desktop, tablets, mobile)
  • Remarketing (Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter…)
  • Native advertising (Ligatus, Taboola, Outbrain…)

Our services:

  • Establishment of campaign goals
  • Establishment of customised media strategies
  • Costs monitoring and optimisation
  • Detailed reports and recommendations



Atnetplanet is a certified “Google Partner”. Our SEO and SEA consultants successfully obtained the whole package of certifications offered by Google: AdWords (Display and Search), YouTube video ads, mobile development, Shopping and Analytics.  

The Google Adwords certifications attest that our experts are familiar with good practices for the creative design, management and optimisation of campaigns (advanced support, online marketing plan) such as the creation of ad formats, the choice of bids, the targeting, the evaluation and optimisation of different kind of campaigns.

The Google Analytics certification is written proof for our skills/competencies in the use of this service. Our experts are competent to answer your needs concerning the planning of measures and integrations, and concerning the configuration and administration of Google Analytics. 

Atnetplanet’s consultants are Facebook Blueprint certified. They have a perfect command of the technical/commercial aspects of the social network and know how to put their knowledge into practice: applications, mobile SDK, A/B testing on ads, targeting, reporting… 

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